Thursday, August 7, 2008

Work, work, work!

Brett has been hard at work getting things done on the house. His cousin came over to help get him moving in the right direction and he's been moving along since then. Austin has been going out with Brett every evening that he's been working on it and helping. And he really does help. Whenever Brett cut a piece of wood, Austin would pick it up and take it down to the basement for Brett to nail into place. He's a really good worker and I think he loves spending that time with his dad.

Yesterday, Brett had the day off, so guess what he did all guessed it, he worked on the house! His mom, Kathy, came over to help as well and thank goodness she did! She was amazing!! We (I say we, but it was really was Brett and Kathy and me only while the baby was sleeping) worked all day on getting the wood put on top of the concrete so that the framing for the upstairs can be put up. It really doesn't look like alot, but it sure felt like it especially in mid-90 degree weather. We all have pretty mean sunburns. Next time, SUNSCREEN! So that is where we are as of today.

I had to add this picture of Brynnlee out working too. Actually, I'm just showing off how cute she looks in a cowboy hat, even though it looks more like a sombrero on her. Oh well, Brett's still pretty proud!


Kasi said...

I am sure I have mentioned before, but I am SO excited for you guys!! Your house is going to be so awesome!

Shannon said...

Lookin Good Han!