Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walls & More!

There has been so much happening on the house since I've posted last. First of all, our garage floor was poured Saturday morning. There was a little bit of a scare when the cement truck finished pouring all the concrete they had and there was still a spot left that hadn't been filled. Well, they were able to have just enough once they got it all smoothed out. Whew! By that afternoon, it was completely set and ready to be played on (see pictures below).

Lately, Brett, Dave, and Kathy have been busy working to put together walls and get some up. On Monday evening, Ryan and Valerie and kids brought pizza for everyone and we pretty much had a fun "barn-raising" party. Then last night, Kathy, Dave, Ryan, and Brett were able to finish putting up all of the exterior walls and marked off where the interior walls need to go, which will be worked on tonight.

I've been checking things out and my favorite thing to do is to look out where the windows will be to see what the views will be when we're done. Let me just say, we are SO lucky to have our piece of land! Out of every window is a beautiful view!! A couple nights ago I looked through all of the windows in the front of the house and I was sooooooooo excited to see that through each window, there is a gorgeous view of the temple in Rexburg - all lit up and beautiful on the hill!! And through the sitting room window in the master bedroom is a great view of the Teton mountains. We are definitely blessed!!!

Working late into the night!

That was the last of the cement. But they made it work!

Wah-hoooo!! All done!

Here's Kathy working the saw down in the basement.

Here's Dave and Ryan working on the walls.

A fun evening of walls, pizza, and play!

A cute picture of my niece, Kenadee and Brynnlee with a beautiful sunset behind them!

The rest of the kids playing while the others work. You just can't ask for any more than that!!


Kasi said...

wow Han, it's going up so fast!!! Looks great!

Shannon said...

I can't believe it Hannah. It is really a little tear jerking seeing everyone there helping and the kids playing and us not being able to be there. I miss that....You so deserve this beautiful home. I can't wait to visit. Keep it up!!

JC Photography said...

WOW!!! It seems like it's going together so fast now! Lot's of big changes. Congrats on all the good helpers - lucky! Sounds like you'll have some very amazing views - what a bonus!

brianandleia said...

How exciting to see all the progress on the house. I miss all the wonderful sights in Idaho. You'll have to enjoy them for me.

Courtney and Andrew said...

I can't believe how fast things are going up! I am sure not fast enough for you! How exciting! You have waited a long time for this!! Thanks for the comments left on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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