Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving Along

Our concrete in the basement is done! Lately Brett has been backfilling all of the dirt around the house and getting the garage ready for cement. His cousin, Dave, will be here this evening to help him get started on framing! Wow, I can't believe it!! So these are the most recent pictures I have...

That little boy is our next door neighbor, Carson. He and Austin are the same age and really good friends. His dad is doing our concrete floors and he wanted to come help build Austin's house. What a good little worker he is!

Cement going in our cold storage room

The basement floor is finished! The kids are going to LOVE riding their bikes in there!!

The kids riding in the skidsteer

Aubree's not afraid to work with her dad!
This is Nathan driving the loader! I even took a video of it that I'll post later.
I'll post more when framing gets underway!!


Nicole J. said...

I just have to say that by the looks of your pictures, your house is going to be HUGE! I love seeing all the progress.

Shannon said...

Way to go Hannah! I'm so excited for you guys. Keep posting the pictures. If I get motivated I'll put some of our basement up but its got nothing compared to yours. good for you! You deserve it!

The Blue Barn said...

Bennett: "Hey Ol' Buddy. The Toothfairy came to get my tooth last night and left me $12 cash (Mom: really it was only $1). She took my tooth to heaven where she lives and makes a castle with them. When can we play?"