Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Every one of us in our little family have totally fallen in love with Brynnlee. Sure, sometimes her crying and tantrums make me wonder why I haven't been taken to the loony bin a long time ago. But when we look back on how much she's changed our lives and has brought so much more love into our home, we know we couldn't do without her!

I have to explain this video. We were watching Dancing With The Stars last night and the kids were dancing. So I had to get a movie of Brynn doing her thing too. Right at the end she gets a little carried away with her head banging. I think it's absolutely hilarious!! And don't mind Aubree, she's supposed to be getting her jammies on.

More House

It's been a while since I've last posted on the house and there have been things getting done. Here's what Brett and his parents have been doing... Wait, wait, wait, I just have to say what wonderful lifesavers Brett's parents are. They come just about everyday to help with whatever Brett needs and they work so hard! I am so grateful for them and what they are doing for us. We owe them BIG TIME!!!!!!
O.k., now on to the pictures...
Tonight, Brett's been working on the banister, YAY!!! I rarely bring Brynn over since she tried to get down the stairs by climbing over where the banister is supposed to be. Scary!! But now that that's going to be up, she'll be a little safer.
All of the light fixtures and fans are in and up, and almost all light bulbs are now in.

Kids' bedroom ceiling fans

Chandelier in the Dining Room

The backsplash in the kitchen is just about done. It has those dark little square dots (seen below) at every point of the tiles. I would have taken a picture tonight, but I was afraid to step on the hardwood just yet. We've also been held up on finishing this project since we were two little square dots short! And they take a week to be ordered and received!!! Grrrrr.

The dishwashers are in, as is the stove. The only appliances left are the double ovens and our fridge.
Can I just say how exciting this is getting. We are to the point, however, that there are a million little things have to get done because I don't want much unfinished when we move in. Otherwise, they will probably stay that way for a while and I just want things finished. So we aren't in a rush to move in and we're making sure that things get done a little at a time. But it's getting closer and I can see it and feel it.
The hardwood floors were finished today. I think our plumbing is supposed to get finished tomorrow and our carpet is going in on Friday with the vacuum system getting finished Monday. I think maybe we just might be moving in next weekend! YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Ride?

Brett brought this home today and said, "Well if you're not going to be getting your tubes tied after this baby, then we might as well buy this now!"

Ha, ha, ha, ha, very funny, and I don't think so!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More On The House

We've had lots going on with the house since the last time I posted about it and even more since I've taken pictures! Brett, his dad, Aubree, and Austin have been working on getting all of the outlets in and light switches working. Almost all of the lights are in, we're just waiting on some I had to order. The furnace is now working and our fireplace is done. The siding was finished today and our countertops are done too! I even cooked dinner there at the house, not just bring it over, but COOKED our first dinner in the house this week!! Sure it was just grilled cheese sandwiches that I cooked on the griddle, chips, and Girl Scout cookies, but, hey, that still counts in my book!

We still have a ways to go, but we're getting closer and it's getting so exciting!! I'm getting to the point where I just want to move in. I've even been doing some window shopping planning how I'm going to decorate this thing! Fun, fun fun!!! We just need to get in first. We'll get there, one of these weeks.

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Major Hair Cut

Aubree decided last week to cut her own hair. Brett's been trying to tell me that it's not very noticeable, but after sitting behind her in Primary yesterday, I decided we would have to do something with it. So I took her over to my neighbor's salon to get her first major hair cut.

Here goes nothin'

That's about six inches of hair that was cut off!

She's really not sure about her new do



I asked her if she liked her hair cut and she said, "No!" So I made a deal with her - I told her that if she doesn't cut her own hair, we'll grow it out again. She was all for that, THANK GOODNESS!!! Little stinker pants!

Aubree's Right!!

So it turns out that Aubree knows what she's talking about. We found out that our next baby is going to be a boy!!!!! She obviously has a connection with him already, which I think is pretty darn neat! All looks good, other than a concern with something that would make me have to get a C-section. But they weren't too worried about that yet. They'll do another ultrasound in a few weeks to see if the problem has fixed itself.

Anyway, we are so excited to be getting another little boy! Austin just might be the most excited, however. The day we went to find out, he kept saying, "I hope it's a boy so I can have a cleaning helper!" Apperently the girls aren't very good at helping to clean.

Two of each, YAY!!! We feel so blessed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brynn!!!

My little baby Brynn turned one year old on Monday! I can't even believe it!! We decided to celebrate her big day a day early. We figured that she wouldn't mind. These are pics from her party...

Her balloon cupcakes

She was ready to dive right in!

"Is this alright, Mom?" When she got her chance, she wasn't too sure if she was allowed to.

She thinks this is pretty fun!

She's so proud of what she's done and wants more to do it again

What a mess!

We are loving this little girl so much and are so happy to have her as part of our family. She sure does add a new dynamic that we wouldn't want to do without! Happy birthday, Brynners!! We love you!!!!!