Thursday, August 7, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Monday was the first day of Austin's and Aubree's swimming lessons this summer. Austin did lessons last year, but this is Aubree's first time and she is LOVING it!! That little girl is pretty fearless. If she sees Austin do something, she is confident that she can do it as well. It's been fun to watch my two little fish, soon to be three - Brynn gets so excited when she watches the kids swim. She wants to get right in there too! Fun, fun, fun!! Oh, and by the way, if the background in the swimming pictures look a little strange, it's because their swimming lessons are in a garage. Yep, you read that right, a garage. There were some issues about having them outside and so now they have to be done in a garage. Hey, not a big deal while they are still small.

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Kasi said...

Austin and Aubree look so stinkin cute--and big!! They're going to be so different by the time we see them again!