Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. But today, I had some free time and did some much needed updating. The next six posts are all new. So read on...

Aubree's Accident

Last Sunday evening was a gorgeous evening! We decided we would go on a family bike ride. The kids really wanted to go down the big hill by our house. I was refusing since I had the bike trailer with the two little ones on the back of my bike and didn't want to haul them back up the hill. But I eventually gave in and we went down the hill.

As Aubree was flying down (Brett's guessing we were going close to 30 mph), she lost control of her bike and crashed. She scraped up her arms, her chest, and her whole face. But to look at her and then at her bike, you would be amazed that she wasn't hurt worse than she was. Her bike was mangled! The handles were bent, her seat was twisted with huge chunks taken out of it. She obviously had angels watching over her. No bones were broken, no teeth went missing, no stitches needed - an absolute miracle.

She is such a tough little girl. Brett convinced her to jump back on her bike and ride it back home. She's so amazing.

It's so sad to see all of her scrapes, but I'm so thankful that it wasn't anything more than just scrapes.

I love my tough little cookie!!!

Backyard Camping

I've had an itch to go camping and the kids have all wanted to go too. Our only problem is Brooks. He sleeps so well in his crib, I would hate to have him be fussy all night long and keep everyone awake in a tent.

So, we came up with the idea that we'd try camping with the kids in the backyard to see how they'd do. That way, we could still put Brooks in his crib to sleep and be right outside if he needed us, while we were trying out camping in a tent.

It worked out GREAT!! We had bathrooms to use if we needed them. We could run into the kitchen if we forgot something and yet we could still enjoy a campfire, cooking outside, watching the stars, and sleeping in a tent. We all had so much fun!!!

The only change I'd make for the future is getting a bigger tent. One with seperate rooms. Then I wouldn't have to deal with Aubree kicking me, or hitting me, or elbowing me, or her pulling my hair as she slept.

But, aside from that, we had so much fun!!!

Yep, we all crammed in here

What camping experience would be complete without s'mores?!

The kids were so excited to sleep outside!

We're all looking forward to more of this in the future!!!!

Haulin' Hay

We had our first day of hauling hay a few weeks ago. The kids were so excited. Well, for the most part. Austin was mad that I was driving the pickup and not him. But he drove after I went inside to put Brooks to bed. Here are some pictures of our day haulin' hay...

Our cute chunky monkey!!
And finally, a quick picture of our little piece of Heaven...

Egin Lake

My friend, Jesi, invited us to go out to the sand dunes to a little lake that's hidden there one day. So, off we went for a day in the sun. We had so much fun!!! I'd never been to Egin Lake before and was suprised to find a body of water right there in the sand dunes! The best part about it was that the deepest it goes is to your knees - PERFECT for little kids to play in.

Austin decided he would build a sand castle. It turned out pretty cool!

Brooks thought it was fun to drive the car around in the water.
And so did Austin.

Brooks isn't too sure about crawling in the water

We had so much fun! We're definitely going to have to go back soon!!!

Heirloom China

CORRECTION: My grandmother called after she read this post and wanted to correct me on something. This wasn't her mother's china. It was her father's mother's china - making that my Great, Great Grandmother's china. So, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!

While we were staying at Janell's home for the 4th of July, she asked me if I'd be interested in taking home some china she had in the basement, still boxed up from her move about 5 years ago. She said that she had never used it once over the last five years and that she probably wouldn't use it and she wanted it out of her house.

I have no china and was thrilled at the idea that I could have some for free! So I said, "YES, I'll take it!" There were two sets, one set was Janell's that she had purchased a while ago that was cream with blue and green flower details and silver lining around the edges. Very beautiful.

But was I was most excited for, was this antique set that was my great grandmother's (my grandma Eastman's mother). It is cream with sliver around the edges and silver detailing on it. It is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE the angled edges and the handled soup bowls!

I just absolutely LOVE it!!! And mostly for the sentimental value it has. I found an article on the company that made it and the china itself. You can read it HERE. It was made in the 1930's and I wonder how my great grandmother was able to afford it, especially when it was right around the Great Depression. Anyway, I may never know, but I love, love, love it!! So, thank you, Janell, for this treasure!!!

4th of July

I have some SERIOUS catching up to do on here. So, I'll start, way back at the 4th of July. I had bought Brett tickets to the Stadium of Fire for his birthday. Carrie Underwood was the main performer and I thought that'd be something he'd really enjoy going to, since going to rodeos and concerts are kind of our thing we like doing together.

So, Brett's mom took the kids while we headed down to meet up with my family in Utah. We had a wonderful barbecue at my aunt Janell's house with everyone, then we went to see my brother and sister-in-law, Andrew and Tat's apartment and their new pets - sugar gliders. I should have taken pictures, but they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!! The way Andrew described them to me once, was that they were kind of like flying squirrels. Kind of.

Anyway, after that, we went to BYU for the Stadium of Fire and waited for it to start. Tat got us all the tickets and they were AWESOME seats!!! We were so excited to be there!!

We went with Andrew, Tat, Janell, my mom, and Nicole. My sister, Lynae, was there too, but in different seats.

After a SPECTACULAR concert and fireworks show, we made it home, late that night. The next morning, we got up early to make it to the Music & The Spoken Word in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. They were performing their 4th of July show and had the orchestra playing as well. It was so amazing!!

And since that was our first time being in the Conference Center, afterward, we took ourselves on a little tour of the building. It's an incredible place!

We had such a fun time, even if it was only for one night. The chance for us to slip away without the kids was such a fun treat for the both of us. So, a BIG thanks to Kathy for watching them!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visit From My Mom

We LOVE it when my mom comes to visit!! And this time, she stayed for an entire week! It was so nice to have her. As always, we upheld our tradition of baking while she was here, and tried lots of new recipes. And she, as always, comes bearing new clothes for almost everyone.

We took her to the splash park and the carousel for some fun.

One evening a strong thunderstorm swept through taking out our power. The kids thought it was pretty fun to have everything done by candlelight.
We all went on bike rides!
Mom was such a good sport to help feed the calves. A new experience for her!
And just before she left, we made a trip up to the temple with the kids to walk and look around. We decided we would make this another tradition.
It was so great to have my mom here to visit. We all love her so much!!!