Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know it's almost the end of January, but I wanted to post my 2011 resolutions anyway. I love to be able to look back on past goals and see how far I've come and what still needs to be worked on.

So, last years goals were:
1. Organize the house - I made some great improvements
2. Make a menu calendar every month again - I did through June
3. Keep exercising - I pooped out on that one
4. Get to a size 4 - DID IT!!!!
5. Eat less sugar - uh, no.
6. Potty train Brynnlee - DID IT!!!!
7. Read more with the kids - Not as much as I wanted to
8. FHE EVERY week - Improved
9. Scripture study with the kids - Improved
10. Attend the temple once a month - Improved
11. Entertain more - Yes.
12. Do more service (I'm shooting for at least once a week) - It wasn't once a week, but it was a great improvement
13. Take more day trips as a family - Still need to work on that

Last year was a great, great year. That's not to say we didn't have any problems, because we did, some very big ones in fact. But what made the biggest difference, I think, was that Brett spent more time with us. It makes me happy to have him around. It also helped that I was making my own money and not feeling like I was suffocating as in 2009.

So YAY for improvements!

And speaking of improvements, I intend to keep making them. I have high hopes for this year and we're already off to a great start!

So, my 2011 Resolutions are as follows:

1. Read aloud more to the kids
2. Hold family scripture study, family prayer, FHE, & temple attendance regularly
3. Study the conference talks thoroughly
4. Organize the house; have less clutter
5. Have more patience: "Keep Calm & Carry On"
6. Give more hugs, kisses, and encouragement
7. Travel more

The kids' 2011 Resolutions are:

1. Clean the house more
2. Spend more time with our family
3. Read
4. Take more day trips
5. Be nicer to each other
6. Take better care of our toys
7. Do FHE every week

Like I said, we are off to a great start and hope to keep it going for the rest of the year!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brooks Boy

Brooks went in for his 18 month check-up (even though he was 19 months) and we learned that he is continuing to grow beautifully. He weighs 25 lbs 9 oz, which puts him at the 50th percentile for his weight, and he is 33.3 inches tall, putting him at the 75th percentile for his height. He had to get two shots that day and when he got them both, he didn't cry once. That just goes to show what a tough little guy we have.

I knew the nurse would be asking me how many words Brooks can say, so one day I sat down and started a list. I was shocked by how many things he actually does say! So, here's my list:

uh-uh (it means both no and yes)
ma ma
da da
diz (there it is)
ba ba (drink)
wus at (what's that)

And of coarse, he tries to say many more things, but I have no idea what he means.

Over the last month or two he's had a fascination for large spatulas (the kind you'd use to flip pancakes with). He likes to carry them everywhere he goes - in the car, in the store, to the church, to a friend's house, and most especially to bed with him. I'm not quite sure why he's been so crazy about his spatulas, but he has been.

Just lately, his fascination has been changing to balls (something a little more normal for kids). He's been treating just about any ball he can find the same way he treated his spatulas and must take them to the aforementioned places as well.

He's a funny kid and everyone loves to be around him. He has such a tender heart. He sucks his thumb, but only when he's holding his favorite blankies and I love that! He's learned to push a chair anywhere in the kitchen and get into and onto EVERYTHING! He has all of his teeth in, aside from his 2 year molars. He is a problem solver. He is a mess maker. We call him Chunky Monkey, Chubby Bubby, Little Buddy, Brooks Boy, stinker pants, monster, Chubs, and sweet little baby boy - all names he has rightfully earned.

We love this kid so much.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idaho Sledding

Brett and I took the kids sledding last weekend. But when it comes to sledding, we do things a little different around here.

Brooks, Austin, Aubree, and Brynn getting ready to sled
Yep, the kids need helmets and this is why...

Brynn and Brooks LOVE to ride on the snowmachine!

We thought we'd try it the traditional way too.

It was LOTS of fun!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've updated my blog from over the last 5-6 months. This is the 13th post I've done today. So if you want to check them all out, you'll have to click on the "older posts" link near the bottom of this page. Happy reading!

Family Pictures

In case you haven't seen our latest family pictures (that we took back in September), here they are...
Austin, 7 years old

Aubree, 5 years old

Brynnlee, 2 years old

Brooks, 1 year old

Me & Brett

(This is my favorite!)


My mom and my grandma came to visit us for Christmas. The first day was great while they were here. We baked bread and granola and visited all day long. The second day, they both got the flu that had hit our family just before they came. I felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!! And they each had it much worse than any of us did. But, thankfully, it passed. My kids so thoroughly enjoyed the rare visit from my grandma. They love how much she loves them.

On Christmas Eve, my mom put on a Christmas Play with the kids. The boys got to be shepherds and wisemen and the girls were the angels.

After that, we made a gingerbread house.

And after watching our Nativity DVD, the kids each got to open one present - their Christmas jammies.

We spent the morning leisurely opening presents and playing with the new toys.

After all of the presents were opened, we showed the kids one last surprise we had hiding in the basement.
They were pretty excited to say the least.

After spending some time with Brett's family, we came home for some snow machine rides. It was the first time my mom had ever been on one.
It was a pretty great Christmas!

School Christmas Program

Pretty cute!


This was our very first Thanksgiving that we had on our own. We usually celebrate with Brett's family, but this year, they went to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. Can I just tell you how much fun I had cooking the whole meal?! Oh, man, it was GREAT!!!!
While Brooks and I stayed inside, listening to Micheal Buble and cooking, Brett took the other three kids out to play in the snow. He showed them how to build snow caves. They LOVED that!!

Even Brett could fit in there!

Once dinner was ready, they all came in and we FEASTED! We sure had much to be thankful for!!

Craft Fair

I participated in the Rigby Craft Fair in November and the Sugar City Craft Fair in December. I'm so excited that people have been wanting my cheesecakes and truffles!!