Thursday, August 7, 2008

The New Family Wagon

We finally found something that will work for me toting all three of the kids around without smashing car seats together. I LOVE that we have room now and I don't have to break my hand getting seatbelts buckled anymore. Yay!!! And it's a bonus that it doesn't look half bad either! Poor Brett, he's so jealous. He, he, he, he!


JC Photography said...

NICE! I love it. You look good in red. I love driving a pickup, other then the mileage! When I get done paying at the pump I miss my car. Hee hee!

Shannon said...

Nice ride Hannah! At least your working close to your home already so you won't have to worry about the truck taking too much gas...I hear prices out there are so crazy they would make me cry!!!!