Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warm Weather

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been having the most gorgeous weather!! Living in Idaho, you never know if it'll be staying or not. So we enjoyed the outdoors while we could. And it's a good thing we did because now it's windy and cold again. Bummer!

A picnic at the park...

Fun times at the park! I'm hoping the warm weather will be back soon so we can get back out there!!

Brett's Birthday

We celebrated Brett's 32nd birthday on Friday. Aubree and Brynnlee helped me work on Brett's cake almost all day!

I promise we don't usually bake like this. : )

Brett asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so that's just what he got - a three layer dark chocolate cake with whipped ganach filling and a smooth ganach cover. (If you'd like the recipe, I'll be putting in on my food blog today.)
Happy birthday to my Honey!!! We love him so much and couldn't do without him!


We had a lovely Easter day at our house! We enjoyed listening to conference, then we had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids, which they always love.

Later that afternoon, we went to Brett's parents for dinner when Austin pulled his second front tooth. Now he really has a toothless grin.

It was a very simple and happy day.
This is just a random picture of Brett and Brynn. I have one of Brett and Aubree doing the exact same thing when she was this size. The kids sure do love their daddy!!

Visit with Mom

It's been a while since I've last posted. We've had so much going on and the best news... Brynnlee's officially potty trained!!!!!!! It took three weeks, but she did it! I'm so proud of her. During those three weeks, my mom came to visit. We all LOVE it when she comes!! There's lots of cooking, baking, crafting, reading, playing, and my favorite - fashion shows!!! It's always so much fun to have Grandma Good come visit. Here are some things we did while she was here...

My mom had all sorts of dinosaur crafts and books for the kids to do. They just ate it up!

She got Austin and Aubree some great hats. Aubree's just fits her personality perfectly. Austin's came from Sea World in Florida and it has a switch that you can flip on and it will make the fireworks on the hat light up. Austin just thinks it's so awesome!!!

There's always cooking and baking!

Brooks was so happy to spend some time with Grandma. It's been a while since he's seen her. He must have seemed like a whole different baby to her!

Mom wanted to go check out the cows and the new calf. While she was still here, another calf was born!

We always love to have my mom stay with us. And always look forward to her next trip to Robinson Ranch!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brynn & Brooks

Brynnlee and Brooks went in for check-ups last week - Brynn for her two year and Brooks for his 9 month. We learned a few things about each of them. Brynnlee is 32 1/2 inches tall which puts her in the 20th percentile for her height and she weighs 26 lbs, putting her in the 40th percentile for her weight.

Brooks measured 28.8 inches long, which is the 75th percentile in length. And he weighs 20 lbs, putting him in the 45th percentile for his weight. So, yes, he's still a big boy!

Brynnlee had to get one shot. Afterward, she kept telling everyone that she got her pre-school shots (since Aubree had to get her Kindergarten shots two weeks ago). She was pretty proud of that. We also learned that she has eczema, pesky itchy spots that will never go away.

But aside from that, they are both doing well and growing beautifully. In fact, Brynnlee has been potty training this week and has been doing pretty well. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll get it quickly and we'll be done with potty training soon!!

I so love my kids!!!