Monday, May 18, 2009

Bye, Bye Trailer!

O.k., I know this happened about a month ago, but I still had to post this. It's just not something you see everyday. I know I have a TON of updating to do, but this is where we will start. A week after we got moved in, our trailer was ready to be moved. Here are some pics of that day...

Our trailer hooked up to the tractor
Sitting in the driveway
Now it's hooked up to a truck
And there it goes down the road!

I have to be honest, I was very excited to see that trailer go. That meant we were starting a new chapter in our lives and I was so happy to be in our house. But that morning, when I was taking these pictures, I couldn't help but to look into the windows and see the life we had there. I brought two little babies home to that trailer. There were so many happy memories there. I just cried as I said a thank you and goodbye to that good little trailer (much like I'm doing now as I'm typing this!).
Like I said, I am so happy and grateful for our new house, we absolutely LOVE it! But it was a sad day to see the place we made so many memories go down the road.
But on a lighter note, as my mom, my aunt, the kids, and I were out running errands, I saw the truck with our trailer on it, pulling onto the highway. So we quickly drove to the overpass and pulled over just as the trailer drove beneath us. It was kind of crazy to watch our house drive away!! Just take a look...