Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

Today Austin started his first day of Kindergarten! I can't even believe that he is already old enough to be going. That's just crazy to me!!! But he is SOOOOOOO excited to be going to school. He said that the best part for him was riding on the school bus. The way that they do it around here is a parent goes to school with their kindergartener for about an hour as kind of an orientation. So I got on the bus with Austin this morning, bright and early. I was suprized to see that they have a DVD player mounted to the ceiling and is playing through the speakers of the bus so everyone can watch and hear it. Austin thought that was pretty neat.

Once all of the kids had been picked up, Austin noticed that I was the only parent on board and said, "You're the only mom on the bus. I don't think you should be on here." Then after our hour of school was done, I decided to catch a ride with my neighbor and let Austin ride the bus with his friends. But before they left, I wanted to get a picture of him on the bus. So I climbed in and as soon as he saw me on again, he said, "No Mom, you can't get on the bus!" It looks like he is so ready to not need me anymore.

I have to say, I did pretty good today all because I got to go with him. Tomorrow will probably be a different story when he does it all by himself. I'm already tearing up! He'll do great, though, and he'll have so much fun and make so many new friends. I'm just going to miss him!!
Here he is on his bus with his friend, Carson.

When all of the kids in his class arrived, he said, "Wow, Mom, look at all the new friends I get to make!"


Shannon said...

way to go austin!!!

Nicole J. said...

OH! That is crazy he's in kindergarten. Wow! I don't know how I would handle Aubriana going to school... that would be hard to let go when I've been with her all day everyday. Kuddos to you!

I do have to say, Austin looks so mature for his age.

garrettandbritt said...

I am so excited. I found your blog through one of my friends. It is so fun to see what you guys have been up to. And Austin going to school. That is so crazy! He looks so grown up. We think about you guys all the time, and wonder how you are doing. The house looks awesome. We will have to have a tour sometime. We also gave a blog, if it is ok I am going to add you as our friends. Our blog address is
Again, it is so good to read about what you have been up to. Maybe we can keep in touch better this way?