Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Jackson Hole Family Vacation

I decided that we needed to take a family vacation over the summer.  I had been doing lots of catering and cheesecake making to earn some extra money over the year.  With the money I'd earned, I wanted to treat my little family to our first ever, real family vacation.  It was only for two days, but it was just us, doing what we wanted to do, spending quality time with each other.  WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and when we first got there, we went into Grand Teton National Park.  We had a quick picnic and checked out Jenny Lake.  It was SO beautiful there!!

  I had planned a hike to Hidden Falls and to get there, we took a ferry boat across the lake.

 When we got to the other side, we started our hike.  The kids found LOTS of things they could climb on.

 We made it to the falls!

  The next morning, we went to the Alpine Slide, which is a ski resort that they turn into a huge slide down the mountain.
 We took the ski lifts up the mountain...

  ...and rode these cool sleds with wheels down the tracks.  SO. FUN.
 Austin, Brynn, and I took the first round.

 Here goes Brett & Aubree.

 And then Brett & Brooks went.

 Super fun for everyone!
 We found a neat park to let the kids run around and play at right by the Alpine Slide.

 In town, we went to this store with lots of stuffed animals.  When standing next to these animals, I was surprised at their sizes!  I would not want to get in their way alive!!

 One of the arches.  That's a lot of elk antlers!

 We checked out all of the bronze statues along the street and shops.

 Then we were off to the aquatic center for some time in the water...

 Our final stop was to the ice cream parlor for some amazing ice cream.  Mmmmm...what a treat!

 We did so much and had so much fun everyone was zonked out within five minutes of heading back home.
I've decided that every summer, we need to have a family getaway.  Even if it's just for a few days.  Those few days were Heaven to the kids and I!!