Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer, FINALLY!!!

So today has been an absolutely gorgeous day! Brett turned the water on the trees this morning and asked me to make sure that the watering lines were hitting the trees after a while. Well, after trying to yank and tug the lines to fix them and totally scratching up my arms in the process, I decided to just walk the rows of trees and water them with the hose myself. That was no easy task either! The hay and grass (well, mostly weeds) has grown so tall over by the trees making it seriously funny to watch Aubree try to walk through it. It goes up to her waist and if she falls in it, which she does quite frequently and mostly on purpose, she gets completely buried in the tall hay. So I thought I'd post some pictures of the kids I took while we were out watering the trees.

Aubree is kneeling in the hay and grass.

Like I said, when Aubs falls, she gets completely buried! Can you see her next to Austin?

Here's Austin and Aubree tromping their way through!

Who can resist a nice cool drink straight from the hose?

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