Sunday, June 22, 2008

Car Show

Saturday was a WAY fun day for the family. Brett's work puts on a really neat car show every summer and that's where we were yesterday. There were so many cool cars! Austin kept pointing out cars that looked like the characters from the movie "Cars." He thought that was soooooo awesome! We each took pictures by some of our favorite cars. Now you'll have to know that these cars are NOT to be touched, just looked at. Well, when Aubree was taking her picture, the owner came up to her, picked her up and put her in the driver's seat of this AWESOME car!! She was SOOOOO excited that she got to "drive" her car. That was pretty neat!
After we were done looking at cars, they had this fun blow up, bouncing thing for kids to jump around in. I think that was Austin's favorite part. So here are some pictures from our fun day yesterday...enjoy!!

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Kasi said...

great pics!!!!