Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Think It's Going To Happen!

Today was a very productive day for us! For those of you who don't know, we have been living in a mobile home for the last 2 1/2 years with the intent of paying off our land and then building a house. Well, we finally have been able to pay off the land and have picked out the house that we'd like to build (we've made several changes, but this will give you the basic idea of what we'll be doing). So recently we've been getting bids and making plans. But that's all it's felt like - just making plans and dreaming that one day we'll be able to build a house. After today, I think it just might happen!

First thing this morning (six o'clock to be exact), our neighbor came over to cut up, roll up, and take away our sod. We decided to give it to them rather than keep it and have it ruined while our house was being built. At a more decent hour, Brett took all of our finalized papers into the county planning and zoning office to apply for our building permit. Then we got a phone call from the bank telling us to come and sign papers since our construction loan has been completed and approved. So we went in this afternoon and signed those. When we got back, Brett and I measured the land that our house will be on, finding that it's on about 1 1/2 acres (I was really hoping for 2, but yay anyway!). Shortly thereafter, the excavator arrived so that it will be here and ready for our hole to be dug tomorrow. And since it was just sitting there, Brett has gone ahead and used it to dig a new ditch (since I made him push our fence line back to make more room for my backyard). I've been taking some pictures, but I'll wait to post them until I have some cool ones of our hole being dug.

So I think this is it; it just might be happening. We're starting on a journey that I've heard can be a very difficult and frustrating one. So I hope you don't mind, but I'll be using this blog as my outlet and journal of our building experience. We'll see how it goes! Wish us luck!!


Alli said...

Hey Hannah, how's it going? I'm doing good! I'm glad I came across your blog, I haven't talked to you in a long time. Looks like you've been keeping busy and are doing good. Wow, three little ones, what cuties! So you guys are going to build a new house, that's cool, good luck with all that. I'm living out in Michigan and have been her a little over two years and I'm enjoying it. You'll have to come check out my blog sometime, it's or you can probably just click on my name and it might bring you to it. Well, gotta get going, but I hope to hear from you soon and talk to you later. Have a great weekend and take care! Allison Walsh :)

Nicole J. said...

OH my goodness! That is so exciting! The house looks absolutely fabulous! I'm excited for you!

Hopefully it will all go as smoothly as it did today. I can't believe your building permit was accepted so quickly. I'm wishing you good luck and can't wait to see more posts about it!

brianandleia said...

How exciting to be building a house! Congratulations. I'm glad you will be keeping your blog updated with the progress, I'm anxious to see how it all goes for you. Good luck!