Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rough Day

Today has already been one of those days that you just want to be over with! First of all, this morning when I was cutting the kids' fingernails, I was just about finished with Brynn's when she moved just as I was cutting her last nail and ended up cutting way back into her nail bed along with a good chunk of her skin! It still makes me want to cry!! I felt SO bad!!!! It took what felt like FOREVER to get the bleeding to stop; and do you know how hard it is to get a little baby to hold still to keep pressure on it?! So her very first owie is one that I inflicted on her! My poor baby!!!

Then, once I got the bleeding to stop, I gave Brynnlee some tylenol and a bath to help her feel better. Well, when I got her out of the bath and was getting her dressed, Aubree decides that she wants a bath as well. Now I had already gotten her dressed for the day and done her hair all cute since we were going to Austin's first T-Ball game today. But that wasn't going to stop her! She strips down and jumps in the tub (that I hadn't drained yet), hair done and all. So I took out her cute hair-do and bathed her, redressed her, and did her hair once again.

By the time I finished with Aubree, we had ten minutes to be to Austin's game. So we were rushing around getting everybody out the door along with the treats we were in charge of and we made it to the baseball field right at 11:30, when his game was to begin. But guess what? The other team didn't show up. It had rained during the night, so they must have thought it would be too wet to play. So all of that rushing around was for nothing! But I suppose there is a silver lining to this part of the day...since we were so rushed to get to Austin's game, I forgot to take pictures of him before his first T-Ball game. I guess I've been given a second chance to get it right for tomorrow's game! So we'll have to see how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck!!


Nicole J. said...

Thats an awesomely bad day! I figured out today that Tim and I can no longer take Aubriana to the movies. He took her out the first half and I took her out the last half so we were both confused on what was going on. So... since we live where we know no one... we will have to rent. It's so worth it though!

Kasi said...

Sounds like my life lately! Those pics of Austin are SO adorable! I want to get Daniel in T-ball next year, and we *might* try soccer this fall...but I don't know if I dare try taking them all to a game by myself! AHH!! we miss you guys!