Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Athlete

Austin had another T-Ball game today and this time I took a few little movies of him playing. So I wanted to post one in case anyone wanted to see him play.

2 Funny Conversations:

#1 -

Austin asked to eat a "healthy banana" before his game. So, of course, I let him. Well, after one of the times he hit the ball and ran all of the bases, he came over to where we were sitting and said, "So Dad, how did I do?"

"You did a great job hitting that ball. Way to go!" Brett said.

"It's that banana!" replied Austin.

#2 -

Brett was telling Austin to watch the ball while he was on first base in case anyone throws it to him so that he can catch it and touch the base. Then Austin said, "I'm just trying to give the kids a chance, Dad."

He's a pretty funny little kid! We sure love having him in our family!!

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Nicole J. said...

Austin is hillarious! What a cute kid!