Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work On The House

Well, there have been more things going on with the house! Our brick guys were here Monday and Tuesday and they have been able to get the brick on the garage done, but won't be back until we get our front door in. That should get done sometime next week, so we're on hold for now. But Brett and his friend were able to get power to the house last night! YAY!! So I believe the electrical is done now and we can get the trenches filled in, well, when the inspections are complete that is. But those should be getting done shortly.

Yesterday, Brett finished digging the line for water by the corral. That's going to be so nice to be able to have water right there for the animals. No more dragging LONG hoses out to the animals and worrying about the hoses freezing when it gets cold. Yay!!!

So, things have been getting done. Here are some pictures to show you!

Plumbing is hooked up to the sewer line
Electrical is hooked up to the house
As well as water to the house
And the trench to the corral is doneHere are the kids helping dig the trench

Almost half-way up

The brick is now done on the garage!


JC Photography said...

I love the brick you chose!!!!! Looks great!

VALERIE said...

Hey i finally came and looked at the house last night and it is looking so good. It was a little chilly, i asked brett to turn the heat up. I don't think he thought that i was very funny.HAHA That will be so great to get it done.

diane said...

Lookin' good! It's fun to see the progress.

Robinson Roost said...

We really should take a drive shouldn't we!:}