Monday, October 27, 2008


I haven't posted anything on the house for a while. Though Brett works on it every night, it doesn't look like a lot has been done. Just lots of little, time consuming things. Here are some pictures of what he's been working on...

All of the windows are in!

Here is the trench Brett dug, which was called, just this morning, the worst trench our plumber has ever seen! (Kindly joking, but not really.)

Here's our garage and the braker box that was the big job last Friday that's almost done!

Here's the other end of the garage with the windows in

This is looking into our Family room

Here's the kitchen with our pocket door framed in

This is the entry way

This is one of the arches in our doorways

Today our brick-layers are here as well as the plumber. I'll be sure to snap some pictures while they are working on those things. How exciting!!


JC Photography said...

Oh good, I've been wondering how it's going. Looks Great!!!! Keep up the good work Brett!

Alli said...

The house seems to be coming along great, can't wait to see the finished product, when do you guys think that you will be done? Keep up the great work!