Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I cannot tell you how excited I am! I used to go to Curves For Women to get my exercise, but when I started having some complications while pregnant with Brynnlee, I had to stop. That was back in December of '07. Then I needed to wait the 6 weeks after having her to go back, but then I couldn't get myself up at 6 am when I had been up several times to feed the baby during the night. So I waited until she slept through the night. Once she started sleeping through the night, I started going to Utah more than usual to see my sister. Then we started building our house and I would stay up with Brett until midnight or 1 am working on it. So 5:30 am (which is what I would have to do to get back in time to get Austin ready for school before the bus comes) just came too early for me.

But last weekend, while I was in Utah, my mom told me that my brother, Nathan, gets paid when he helps with the house or babysits my kids. I didn't realize this and can now understand why kept begging me to let him watch the kids. So, we've worked out a schedule where he comes over three times a week to play with the kids for an hour while I go work out! YAY!! It's a win-win situation here.

I can finally start getting back into shape and not be quite so disgusted with the way that I look. Curves is made specially for women and it truly works wonders; I highly recommend it! I LOVE good food and cannot stand to diet. And due to the fact that 90% of diets fail, I'm not going to torture myself with one. I'd rather work out for 30 mintues three days a week. I cannot wait to see the pounds melt away like they did when I first joined. We'll see how next month's weighing and measuring go, but until then, I'm gonna work it!!


Kasi said...

Hannah, you're so funny...you're gorgeous! What are you talking about, being disgusted with how you look? Crazy woman...

Shannon said...

Good for you Hannah. I know how it feels when you feel blob about yourself. Good luck with that. You'll need to keep up posted on how well you're doing.