Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meeting The Horse

Sunday afternoon, Brett took Brynnlee out to meet our horse (which we finally named, after months of owning her - her name is Daisey). We sure like Daisey WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better than Sugar. Sugar was just plain crazy! Daisey is a lot more friendly, more ridable, and more talented. Anyway, Brett walked into the pasture with Brynn and Daisey just walked right up to them to see who her new friend was. Even though Daisey was right in Brynnlee's face, Brynn wasn't the least bit afraid. She was even petting her! It was so fun to see!!

I think we'll have friends for life!

1 comment:

Kasi said...

Emily would seriously be in heaven at your house!! When the kids are older we should do a kid swap during the summer sometime!