Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vote Please!

Brett and I have been considering putting granite countertops in our new kitchen. There is a place in Salt Lake called Contempo where I can pick out what I want, if we do decide to go in that direction. But there are so many options that I like and Brett doesn't care, so I'm turning to anyone that reads my blog to get your opinions! Which of these are your favorite? Either leave a comment or email me at hannah_robinsonranch@msn.com. Click HERE, then click on Granite Slabs. These are my favorites:

Amarello Pearl
Gold & Silver
Golden Beaches
Golden Persa
Juparana Atoba
Juparana River Satin
Juparana Cocacabana
Juparana Carajas
Santa Cecilia
Tropic Brown

Now, I reserve the right to choose whatever I want (as long as it's within the right price range and would look good with my cabinets and paint colors) regardless of how the vote turns out. But I'm curious to see what others like. So, please let me know which is your (and anyone else you know or is in the house) favorite!


brianandleia said...

They were all good choices, but I like the Armageddon and the Juparana Atoba. Good luck making those decisions, they are never very easy. I always second guess myself because I want to make sure everything looks good (which I'm sure it will!)
P.S. I can't believe Austin was driving the truck! Sounds like something my husband would do.

Nicole J. said...

Hey Banana! I loved the Juparana Atoba and the Juparana Carajas. Keep in mind I have no idea what your cabinets, floors, or walls look like. I picked those because there was a little bit of dark and enough warm color that it would go well with a ton of things. Hope that helps you a little.
Love you!

Chelsea said...

Hi Hannah,
Here are my picks:
-Golden Beaches w/ medium to dark colored cabinets.
-Juparana Atoba w/ medium colored cabinets.
-Juparana Carajas w/ medum to dark colored cabinets.
-Santa Cecilia reminds me of Justin & Amy's and it looks good with their dark cherry cabinets.
-Really like Tropic Brown but your cabinets would have to be lighter so you didn't feel like you were always in the dark!!
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I like Juperana Atoba, Juparana Carajas, and Santa Cecelia. I love my granite countertops! You'll be glad you put the extra money into them! -Jenny B.

Courtney and Andrew said...

Amerillo Pearl was my fav!!

Shannon said...

Marc and Kathy's vote is for Gold Silver. Have you looked at a Silestone type product. They are more affordable, more durable, and come in a huge pallet of colors. Definitely worth looking at if you haven't already.

Redrock Tile & Stone said...

I'm a stone fabricator in Central Utah and just happened to stumble onto your blog. Some of your choices are ones that a bit of veining in them. Those are certainly one of kind slabs. Make sure you find a fabricator who understands book matching and fabrication of slabs with veins. They require extra care in slab layout and installation to have them come out just right. Don't just settle on lowest price.