Monday, July 28, 2008

Progress on the House!

I was looking over my blog today and noticed that the last thing I've published on the construction of our new house was when our hole was dug. Well, we've had a lot go on since then. About two weeks after our hole had been dug, our concrete people finally showed up to get started on our footings (Just a note: We've been making treats for the people who come and work on our house. These concrete guys did not get any since they were two weeks late and worked on other peoples' houses before ours even though ours was scheduled first. Grrr!)Later that day, a pumper truck came to pour cement into the footing forms. Now this truck was so cool! It has a huge, long arm that extends way out to reach the far forms while the truck itself holds still. Can you see that the guy in the orange shirt is wearing something on his shoulders and back? Those are the remote controls that control every movement of the arm. How cool is that?!
When the cement truck came, it poured cement into the pumper truck, which then pumped the cement all the way up through the arm and it poured right into all of the footing forms. It was pretty neat to watch!
Once the footings have fully dried, the concrete guys come back to pour the walls. Well, while we were waiting, Brett watered the pasture by flood irrigating. As a result of that, we ended up with quite a bit of water from the sub coming up in the lowest trench. The concrete guys couldn't pour cement with all that water. So Brett got a couple of pumps to pump out the water and to help things go a little faster, I went out to try to keep the water moving to pump it out faster. Then Brett told me to dry off the footings as soon as the water was below them. When the water wasn't going down fast enough, I even used a bucket to bring the water down.
Eventually, after I took a 10 minute break and came back to find that the water had risen over the footings again, defeating the purpose of any work I had done over the previous hour, Brett came home from work to help me, and we (he) finally got it taken care of and the wall forms were able to be put up.
This was the last that I saw before I went down to Utah. While I was gone, the walls were poured, Brett painted most of that tar stuff on it and has been working on backfilling the dirt and getting it level for our concrete floors to be poured on Thursday. But today, our plumber came and has been working on the plumbing.
So this is where we are now. Whew, that was a lot to cover! I'll post more as more is done!!


Nicole J. said...

Yeah! Your house is looking good! How exciting! And Yeah for Brynnlee rolling over! I'm still in awe over how fast they grow. Your trip to Utah looked like tons of fun, especially for the kiddos. Nothings better then seeing family.
Love you!

Kasi said...

Wow! It's starting to look like a house! I am so happy for you guys! And I think it is awesome that you are documenting everything!