Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Hard Day's Work

Brett needed some help tonight hauling hay. He wanted me to drive the pickup (since our truck threw a rod into the engine - it's done) while he put the bales on the trailer behind it. Well at the time he needed me, Brynnlee was awake, so I couldn't go out and help him. So he and Austin and Aubree went out to do it themselves. Shortly, I got a call from Brett saying I need to hurry and come out with the camera. Guess what I found when I got out there...

Watch this.

Let me remind you, Ausin is five years old. Crazy, huh?! Brett says he started driving a tractor on the farm when he was five, so he figured it's time for Austin to start helping out. Might as well! He did great; he didn't even hit one bale (like I've done once or twice) and he absolutely LOVED it! So, Austin, welcome to the world of work!! Enjoy the pics...

Here's Austin driving old Calico!

What hard workers we have!

Austin and Aubree cruisin' in the pickup!

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Nicole J. said...

Oh I bet he loved it! That is so cool. But once he starts learning to work, it'll never end. What a cute boy you have!