Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip To Utah

Last week, I headed down to Utah for a family reunion. Not everyone in my family was able to make it, but we still had a good time. My little sister, Diana, has been in the hospital for the last several weeks. So the highlight of my trip was to visit with her everyday that I was there. Her daughter, Samara, had her 4th birthday party there at the hospital so that we could all be there. It was so much fun and especially nice for Deenie (Diana) to get out of her hospital room and be outside.We also spent some time at the Rec Center in Lehi playing in the water. They have these way fun play areas with slides, tunnels, a big bucket that dumps water on everyone, a lazy river, and water spraying in just about every direction. And the whole park is in about 8 inches of water in some areas and up to about four feet in others. Since the kids were in life jackets, they were able to go anywhere they wanted. That was tons of fun!
Then the last day that we were there, I took Austin and Aubree to meet up with Troy (Diana's husband) and her two kids and we went to a way cool fun center in Salt Lake. There they had those huge blow up bouncy things the kids could run, jump, slide, and climb on. There was also a "jungle" that the kids could climb in, an arcade where Austin won 53 tickets (which he turned in to get two little beach balls - one for him and one for Aubree), there was a roller skating rink, and waterslides outside. We did everything but the waterslides and roller skating. That was my kids' favorite activity.
I was going to say that the fun center was my kids' favorite thing, but actually their favorite part of the trip was playing with cousins and sleeping in the basement with all of them. Austin came home to tell Brett that he wants his room to be in the basement when we get our house built because his counsin's basement was so awesome! We had such a great trip and I was so glad to see Deenie. I miss her already!!

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