Saturday, July 5, 2008

Country Girl

Brett grew up on a farm and so anything farming is just second nature to him. I, on the other hand, a city girl from California, have known nothing about it - until the last couple of years. Since we have been living on our acreage, Brett has been teaching me the ropes of farming. Just last night, Brett and I went out and baled some hay. How it actually ended up working was Brett was walking next to and behind the baler while I was baling the hay. Can you imagine? Me, driving a tractor, baling hay?! It's true!! And Brett was very impressed. Last year I baled hay once but didn't do very well. I couldn't seem to keep the tractor going straight while looking behind me to make sure I was picking up the cut hay. But this year, I was much more steady. I think my in-laws (who farm for a living) would be very proud!

I often think when I'm driving our old blue truck with a hay elevator hooked onto it, swinging around scooping up bales, "If only my mom could see me now!" I don't think that this is a lifestyle that anyone I know/knew growing up could ever have pictured me in. But I LOVE it! It's so different from anything I've known growing up. Country living was only something I saw on tv or in the movies and now I'm living it! And to be perfectly honest, I used to dream of living in wide open spaces and being out in the country. And here I am. How lucky am I?

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