Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunflower Cake

I have had several requests on how to make the sunflower cake I made for Aubree's birthday this year. So I decided to post the instructions in case anyone wanted to make it as well! This cake is SOOOOOOOOO easy to make! All you need is one 9-inch round cake (I used chocolate since that's our favorite, but you can use whatever flavor you like), 16 twinkies, a bag or Hersey Kisses, and about three cans of frosting colored yellow. One thing I've learned is to use that fluffy white whipped frosting. You can color it any color you need and this frosting is WAY easier to use as opposed to buttercream frosting. If you absolutely must use buttercream frosting, freeze your cake first. That will make it easier to frost with buttercream.

Anyhow, back to the instructions...put your round cake on the center of a circular platter of some sort. I used my pizza stone since that was the biggest round thing I had. Frost with yellow frosting. Put 16 twinkies around the cake then frost (it's ok if they overhang a little bit). Top round cake with Kisses. You may have to put a dab of fresh frosting on the bottom of each Kiss to help it stick better. And that's it! You're done and you have a super fun cake!! If anyone makes this cake, let me know how it turned out for you. And I would love to see pictures!

I certainly don't come up with my cake decorating ideas myself! I'm not that creative. I turn to either the internet (do an image search on Google for kids cakes or whatever you need) or I have a couple books from FamilyFun Magazine on children's cake decorating and parties. So those are my secrets. Feel free to use them and make some fun cakes!


Nicole J. said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna make this cake when Aubriana gets a little older ;)

*.Th3 BoW3n FaMiLy.* said...

HOLY COW HANNAH! your are such an amazing cook! so very talented!! this cake is amazing looking! Nice job!