Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visit From My Mom

We LOVE it when my mom comes to visit!! And this time, she stayed for an entire week! It was so nice to have her. As always, we upheld our tradition of baking while she was here, and tried lots of new recipes. And she, as always, comes bearing new clothes for almost everyone.

We took her to the splash park and the carousel for some fun.

One evening a strong thunderstorm swept through taking out our power. The kids thought it was pretty fun to have everything done by candlelight.
We all went on bike rides!
Mom was such a good sport to help feed the calves. A new experience for her!
And just before she left, we made a trip up to the temple with the kids to walk and look around. We decided we would make this another tradition.
It was so great to have my mom here to visit. We all love her so much!!!

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The Cutlers said...

Having Grandma come visit is ALWAYS the best. You look so great Hannah and the kids are cute as ever!