Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Camping

I've had an itch to go camping and the kids have all wanted to go too. Our only problem is Brooks. He sleeps so well in his crib, I would hate to have him be fussy all night long and keep everyone awake in a tent.

So, we came up with the idea that we'd try camping with the kids in the backyard to see how they'd do. That way, we could still put Brooks in his crib to sleep and be right outside if he needed us, while we were trying out camping in a tent.

It worked out GREAT!! We had bathrooms to use if we needed them. We could run into the kitchen if we forgot something and yet we could still enjoy a campfire, cooking outside, watching the stars, and sleeping in a tent. We all had so much fun!!!

The only change I'd make for the future is getting a bigger tent. One with seperate rooms. Then I wouldn't have to deal with Aubree kicking me, or hitting me, or elbowing me, or her pulling my hair as she slept.

But, aside from that, we had so much fun!!!

Yep, we all crammed in here

What camping experience would be complete without s'mores?!

The kids were so excited to sleep outside!

We're all looking forward to more of this in the future!!!!


Shannon said...

That is my idea of camping...of course you would have found me in my bed when it came time to the sleeping part! :) I love to see all the family activities that you guys get to do together.

Nicole said...

That is so awesome! Can't wait till my kids are old enough to be excited to camp outside. I love stuff like this. Although, I do agree, your family needs a bigger tent! ;)


That looks really fun! mmm, smores sound good! Come borrow our tent next time, it's really easy to put up and is a 9 person tent.