Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Egin Lake

My friend, Jesi, invited us to go out to the sand dunes to a little lake that's hidden there one day. So, off we went for a day in the sun. We had so much fun!!! I'd never been to Egin Lake before and was suprised to find a body of water right there in the sand dunes! The best part about it was that the deepest it goes is to your knees - PERFECT for little kids to play in.

Austin decided he would build a sand castle. It turned out pretty cool!

Brooks thought it was fun to drive the car around in the water.
And so did Austin.

Brooks isn't too sure about crawling in the water

We had so much fun! We're definitely going to have to go back soon!!!


Robinson Roost said...

Looks like you've had lots of fun adventures.

Nicole said...

haha! So I'm just remembering, way back, when we were roomies at Ricks during the summer term. That was the lake that Houston took me to on our date. Remember him? Remember the poem him & Matt wrote for us? LOL! Good times good times.


That's so cool, you'll have to show that place to us sometime.