Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aubree's 5!!

Aubree turned 5 years old!! She was so excited that she could have her Grandma Good here visiting on her birthday. I made her a purse cake this year and I was so pleased with how it turned out. The only thing I regret is not making it the day before, like I usually do with birthday cakes. That way, I can at least get some enjoyment out of looking at them for a day before they get demolished. I finished the purse just as Brett's family started to arrive for the party.

These are Aubree's cousin's, Bretta on the left and Emalee on the right. Emalee's birthday is in May, Aubree's birthday is in June, and Bretta's birthday is in July. They are a cute bunch of girls, who happened to all be wearing flowers in their hair that day.
My aunt, Janell, gave Aubree and Brynnlee a set of pillowcases and shams that match perfectly to the blankets on their beds.

Austin decided, all by himself, to make this banner for Aubree's birthday. It says, "I heart you Aubree" in balloons with flowers and a star underneath. So sweet of him!!

We love Aubree so much. She's such a sweet, tender-hearted little girl who is growing so fast. She's so much fun and we couldn't do without her!


Tiffanie and John said...

You are an amazing cake artist. I love them. I need to learn from your ideas. So cute.

The Lusks said...

Wow! What a cute cake! I am sure she just loved it! And how fun that your mom was able to be there too.