Friday, December 19, 2008

Rexburg Winters

It is COLD!!!! Our trailer hasn't been able to get above 64 degrees today. The temperature in here has been averaging at about 62. If you look closely at the front door, you can see snow blowing into the house, and it looks like it's snowing inside! I can't wait to live in a better built home!

I thought I'd better bring in our wreath. This is a picture of it after it has been thawing for thirty minutes.
Here's what it's like outside today...

Notice that the snow is falling horizontally rather than vertically? Lots of fun!
An addition:

I'm supposed to be going to the Robinson Family Christmas Party in a couple of hours and now I'm wondering how exactly I'm going to be getting out. Hmmm...this will be interesting!! BTW, the front is not much different, in case you were wondering.


Robinson Roost said...

Call Brett and have him bring home some weather stripping to put around your door. It is a marvelous invention.

Shannon said...

That stinks!! I do not miss those winters at all. Try to stay warm. We just bought two small heaters for the boys rooms since for some reason their rooms are really cold and I have to say it was well worth the $40. If you do manage to get out have fun at the Robinson Christmas Party!

Kasi said...

BRRRRR. I feel your pain. We don't have snow though, just lots and lots of ice. NOT FUN. I am so anxious for you to get into your nice warm house!

*.Th3 BoW3n FaMiLy.* said...

oh my heck!! Did you get out to go?
Well If it were me I would be stuck inside enjoying some hot chocolate and watching christmas movies with my PJS on!