Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 Months

Brynnlee had her 9 month well check yesterday and all went well, except for the shot. But aside from that, she weighs 18 lbs. and is 26.5 inches long, which means that she is in the 36th percentile for her weight and the 18th percentile for her height. The only shot she needed was a flu shot that she did not enjoy in the least!

I took Austin and Aubree with me to the appointment in hopes that they too could get flu shots. So I had been preparing them all day for a shot. But when we got there, the nurse said that they could get the nasal spray flu vaccine instead of with the needle. So we opted for that. But once it was done, Aubree was so upset that she didn't get a shot. Crazy little girl!!

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Alli said...

The Christmas tree is beautiful and the house seems to be coming along great and looking great too! When should you be all done with building and ready for you guys to move in? The kids are too cute and growing up so fast! Do you guys have snow there yet? No snow here in Heber, UT yet, it is starting to cool off though and I'm sure it will show up soon. Well, have a Merry Christmas and take care! :)