Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Festivities

We started Wednesday out with great intentions. That was going to be our day to make cookies and decorate them. The kids were wanting to make gingerbread men, but after trying them last year, I didn't think they tasted all that great. And if I'm going to be spending a lot of my time on some goodies, I want them to taste good so I can enjoy eating them too!

So this year we decided to make sugar cookies and cut them out in all sorts of shapes. We got off to a good start and got the batter made and chilled. But when we started rolling them out, cutting them, and baking them, Brynnlee decided she had had enough and wanted to be held. Well, I couldn't just stop everything and hold her, so we tried to hurry and finish cutting and baking all of them. By doing that, the kids started to be in the way, the cookie dough kept tearing, some of the cookies were a little overdone, and there was a huge mess. Frustrated, the cookies finished baking and I decided we were done for the day.

Thursday, Aubree, Brynnlee, and I got to go to Austin's class Christmas party and teach all of the kids how to make a beaded candy cane. The other stations at the party consisted of a snowball toss with big marshmallows, Santa chases the reindeer (duck, duck, goose), and making Rudolph out of cookies, frosting, pretzels, and M&M's. Austin had such a great time and Aubree got to join in on all the fun too!

After school, I decided to make the frosting, get out all of the sprinkles, and we were going to decorate the cookies we made the night before. So we got started and soon after, Brynn decided she didn't like this anymore, and once again, wanted to be held. Well, that would have made for a disaster, so she cried again. Again, we were rushing to finish what we were doing, cookies were breaking, sprinkles were EVERYWHERE, and everyone was complaining. Finally, we finished. By this time, I was sick of those darn cookies and just wanted them out of my sight! We made our list of people we wanted to give them to and hauled them away. Austin got the job of taking the plates to the doors. He was so excited to do that and felt so grown up and I was so happy to see those cookies go!

On Friday, the Robinson Christmas party was held in Newdale and was lots of fun for all who were there. The party got started with a visit from Santa. He talked to all of the kids explaining to them how important it was to be good. Then everyone got to tell him what they wanted for Christmas and get a picture with him. Austin and Aubree were in such awe the whole time he was there. I don't think they took their eyes off him for a second!
After dinner, the bells were brought out and all the kids lined up to take part in playing Christmas music with them. My kids were so excited to have a part in that this year. I was a little worried that they wouldn't get it and would mess up the whole song, but they didn't. Austin did a great job clanging his bell and Aubree had some help from her older cousin, Dallin.So amid some of the frustrations were many more happy moments. And thank goodness for those moments to help remind us that this really is a wonderful time of year.

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