Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Program

Austin had his first Christmas program last night and we were so proud of him! It was so much fun to watch and Austin did such a great job!! He's been practicing his songs for over a week and they even did sign language with several of them. All of the Kindergarteners were sheep and the whole program was a re-inactment of the Nativity scene with the sheep, shepherds, drummer boys, wisemen, and Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus. It was so great! Here's a glimpse of the night...

They started the night off with some Pre-Show carols

The Shepherd are herding the sheep out for their dance

I have a video of the adorable dance they did, but it must be too long to upload on here. (If anyone knows how to get around that, please let me know!) It was a great evening and a great way to remind us of the reason for the season!!


Robinson Roost said...

Austin, I thought you were the best lamb, singer, signer, and dancer. I am so glad I came to your program. Love you. Grandma Robinson

Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

Go to Google, then go to Account, then go to Videos, upload the video them click on it and click "embed."
Copy and paste the HTML into your blog post and Voila. We've done it on our blog:
if you want to see what the finished product looks like. You can make it full screen that way, which is cool. Anyway- that's that!

Anonymous said...