Friday, September 12, 2008


Our house is now completely sheeted - walls and roof. YAY!! It is so exciting to see the actual shell of a house. Our plumber was here yesterday and is here again today putting in piping and I think once he is done, we can get the roof shingled. I am so excited!

Brett and I were talking yesterday about the order of what needs to happen still. He had mentioned that if things keep moving the way they have been, we could be in by Christmas. But things won't be moving that fast anymore, so he's thinking we'll probably be in by January or February. That is amazing to me since I was planning on like May-ish. I guess we'll see as time goes on.

Here are some pictures of the house...

See our shower and tubs in the garage? They just got here!

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JC Photography said...

Wow, your house looks amazing. And how fun you'll be moving in early! That's a fun suprize! Also - can't wait to try our your recipes! I've heard what an amazing cook you are!