Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Man's Place

Our Labor Day weekend was spend doing just that, laboring! My brothers, Andrew (who came up from Utah again) and Nathan (who is going to school here at BYU-I) came to help out this weekend. It is always so fun to have them here and they are also such a big help working with Brett on the house!

Saturday, Brett, Kathy, Andrew, Nathan, and Dave finished faming the inside of the upstairs, which is really neat to see the actual size and place of things. It was so nice to be able to see something on the plans and say, "Is that how we really want it? Or should we do it this way?" And then be able to change the plans while framing to get just what we want or what would look better.

They can be so very entertaining sometimes!

Monday, they were all back at it, but working on framing the garage. Brett had me come out to see how I wanted something to be done in the garage. When I got out there, I told him that this was his place and he could do whatever he wanted in there. His jaw dropped to the ground! When it really set in that he gets a say in anything to do with the house, he beamed!! Then he walked around saying, "This is my place! I want this done like this!" It really was pretty funny. I was so happy to make him happy. But we'll limit his say to the garage. The rest of the house is up to me, with ideas and suggestions from him kindly considered.

These are some of the crazy feats these guys do to get things to be PERFECT! In the above picture, Brett is twisted way up high to get the boards exactly right while Dave nails it in.

The Man's Place

The current front view of the house

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