Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest

Someone once told me that building a house goes in spurts. Lately, I've found that it's so true! All of a sudden, we have people putting on our shingles, a crew doing venting and duct work, the plumber has been working here, and Brett's brother, Justin, was here yesterday measuring for our cabinets! WOW!! Can you believe it?! There's been so much going on; it's so very exciting!!! Here are pictures I took today...

The roof is almost done!

Here's my kitchen opening into the Formal Dining Room

This is the Family Room

This is the main bathroom

This is Aubree's bedroom

Here is the formal Living Room and Austin's room next to it

This is part of the Master Suite
This is part of the Master Bathroom
Here is our Laundry/Mud room

This is the main room in the basement along with the two bedrooms and stairs

This is actually two rooms - the guest bedroom and the storage room

Here is the bathroom in the basement

And this will eventually be our theater or game room or maybe both

Pretty neat, huh?! We'll see how things continue, but for now I'm pretty happy!!


JC Photography said...

WOW, it's looking great!

Shannon said...

Holy Dairy Cow (as Bennett says). That looks awesome. I think that guest bedroom is calling our names, what do you think?

Kasi said...

have I mentioned how jealous I am? It looks soooo good!!!

BTW, Emily wants a pink kitty cake for her birthday...any ideas/tips?

Alli said...

Wow, the house is looking great and coming along great too! How's everything going? I'm sick with a cold, but other than that, things are going good here. Well, talk to you later and hope all is going well. Have a great day and take care! :)

VALERIE said...

thanks for all your help on my blog and your house is looking great.