Saturday, January 7, 2012

Union Falls Trail Ride

At a Young Women's girl's camp fundraiser, we won a trail ride to Union Falls, an incredible waterfall I had only heard about.  I had been SO excited for this trip with friends, but nervous since it was my first time riding a horse.  But our friends gave me a super mellow horse to ride and all I basically had to do was hold on and enjoy the ride.  And that's exactly what I did.

It was such a beautiful ride; I loved every minute of it!  Brett, of course, loved it too.  This is exactly his favorite way to pass time - on the back of a horse.  He rode our horse, Daisy.  She can get a little feisty, but Brett kept her under control for the whole ride.

 Union Falls

After checking out the falls, we hiked to the Scout Pool, a place where a hot spring meets the waterfall run-off.  That was so fun!
 I wasn't too ambitious, but Brett was...

We had such a fun time!  We're now on the look out for some super mellow horses to buy so that we can go do something like this again and more often!

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