Saturday, January 7, 2012

Girl's Camp

Being in the Young Women's presidency, I was able to go to Girl's Camp in July.  It was the first time I'd gone to girl's camp since I was in Young Women's as a youth.  I absolutely LOVED it!!!

Our theme was "Survivor" and we were truly roughing it as we camped in tents at a campsite with no running water, no electricity, and one toilet pit.  But it was right next to a gorgeous lake and the scenery was incredible!!!  We saw and heard lots of wildlife, but thank goodness, no bears!  

The worst part about where we were, were the mosquitoes.  They were out in SWARMS!  But we learned that if we applied 100% DEET every hour, the skeeters mostly left us alone.

One day we went to do a ropes course at a nearby scout camp.  It took a lot of courage, but left us with an incredible feeling of accomplishment afterward.

After a couple of days, Brett took a day off of work to come up and camp with us as one of the Priesthood leaders.  It was so fun to have him there with me!  We thoroughly enjoyed the hiking we did with the girls.

It was such an incredible Girl's Camp and one I won't soon forget!

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