Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Family Valentine's Day

We had a GREAT Valentine's weekend!! Brett had the day off on Saturday, but was planning on doing some sandblasting for most of the day. But he found out that the trucks he was going to sandblast weren't ready yet. So instead, he asked me if I wanted to go snowmachining. We all thought that sounded like fun and headed up.

Kathy was so kind to keep Brooks as we bundled up the rest of us and headed out. We didn't get too far when one of the snowmachines broke down. So we just took turns riding the good one. I didn't think Brynnlee would last very long, but she loved it! I think we were out for about an hour and she didn't complain once. Brett was so proud.

Brynn looked so funny with her big helmet head!

Here we are heading out to snowmachine as a family!

Me, Austin, and Aubree

Brett and Brynnlee

Then on Sunday morning, I had set out these treat cones, one for each of the three older kids, filled with candy. They went on their heart hunt to find hidden hearts around the house. While Brett was making us breakfast, the kids painted the hearts that they found and were so excited to find hidden messages on each one!

After breakfast, we got ready and went to church. Right afterward, the kids and I went and heart-attacked a girl's door up on campus that we know. Then we headed home and worked on making our special Valentine's Day dinner. The kids helped me decorate the table with lots of candles and candy. They were so excited to eat dinner in the candle light. And that was pretty much the extent of our Valentine's weekend.

Brett and I decided not to do gifts this year. Instead we just all spent time together with each other. We so rarely get to do that, it was such a treat!! And really, Brett couldn't have bought me anything that I would like more than to just spend time with him. I have to say that this was the BEST Valentine's Day/Weekend I've ever had! I so love my little family!!


Robyn said...

Yay for Valentines Day! Im so glad you guys had so much fun together!

Shannon said...

Way fun day! We didn't do gifts either....they're not needed anyway. Max said that Valentine's Day is pretty boring. I guess he thought it was suppose to be like Christmas. are looking big and adorable as ever!


ah, sounded like a great weekend! Sorry I couln't make it on Friday, Macy was sick.

Nicole Jones said...

How fun Hannah! What a cute way to have fun with your kids on a holiday that should include them as well. Love it!