Monday, February 8, 2010

Finishing Projects

I finally got my bow boards finished and up. They are so handy and cute!! I'm making another one for my sister. So when I do that, I'll take some pictures and post instructions.

And we FINALLY got these boards finished and up. Well, almost finished. I'm still going to put clothes pins on my message board so that things like drawing from the kids, wedding announcements, papers from school, and so on, don't take up the metal board space. But that should be fairly painless to do.
Yay for getting things done!


Nicole Jones said...

I love them! Good job Hannah! It's great getting things crossed off a list and finding a fun new craft! The bow boards are so cute. Too bad I don't put bows on Aubri, I don't think I even own one bow for her anymore. :)

Kasi said...

They look so good! Did you make that calendar? I love it!

Hannah said...

Thanks! No, Kasi, I didn't make it. I bought it. Go figure! But I did make the message board. Well, no, Brett painted it and put it together for me. Again, go figure!!

Janae said...

Yay for getting projects done! I love the bow boards!

philippines homes said...

I think this might be fit for my homes wall as one of the decorations.

Deirdre G