Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here she is - the little MONSTER!!!

Brynnlee's been driving me CRAZY lately!! Let me tell you about my day on Tuesday. Aubree was running late for pre-school so we were rushing around trying to get her ready before her ride came to get her. Just as they arrived, Aubree had run into the bathroom to use it. She finished as fast as she could and ran out the door. Once Aubree was gone, Brynnlee and I sat down for some lunch. She made a mess as usual, so I cleaned her up and put her down to play while I cleaned up the table, chair, and floor.

When I finished, I noticed that Brynn was very quiet and decided I'd better go check on her. She was in the bathroom, playing in the toilet - the toilet that Aubree was in too much of a hurry to flush. Yep, she was elbow deep in pee-water. And not only that, but she had grabbed the toilet brush and was using that to fling pee-water all over the bathroom. Everything was drenched - the walls were dripping, the towels hanging on the walls were wet, the floor was soaked, and the rugs were sopping. I just about threw up.

I grabbed Brynnlee, put her in the empty bathtub, took off her soaked shirt, and made her stay in the tub while I got everything cleaned up. I washed the walls and floor and toilet with Pine Sol. Scrubbed the toilet again with Lysol toilet cleaner. I started the washer with the towels and rugs.

When everything was finally clean. I opened the shower curtain to bathe Brynn. And what did I find? Brynnlee covered in shampoo, head to toe, and let me remind you that she still had pants and a diaper on and her hair done for the day. She still lathered herself right up. So I bathed her and threw her clothes in the wash too.

Once she was cleaned and dressed - again, I put her down to play, shutting the bathroom doors, and started on the vacuuming. After only a few minutes, I noticed that the entire contents of the diaper bag (and that's a lot of stuff for both Brynnlee and Brooks) were strewn all over the floor in my bedroom. I sent her out and cleaned it up.

I started to vacuum again and came into the family room to find that Brynnlee had emptied two bags of cereal onto the carpet. That was it. I had had it!!!! I made her help clean it up then sent her to her room for a nap. And I went to my room too.



Haha. Oh boy, what a day. :)

Kasi said...

Okay, I am here to tell you I feel your pain. And it's not funny, not even one little bit :) Not to scare you, but just wait until Brooks is her age, and Brynnlee is three...Jake loves to teach Ben all his awesome mess making tricks!

courtney and andrew said...

Oh HILARIOUS!! I could not stop laughing! My mom had to pause her movie so I could tell her all about because I was laughing so hard! I am sorry I so know how you feel! I have had many days like that! Like the day Brooklyn tried to fill her own sippie cup with milk and chocolate syrup all over my light colored carpets! Not funny! But to others hilarious! Miss you guys! Love ya!

Nicole Jones said...

Oh man! That would be an extremely frustrating day! Wow! Very funny story to tell or look back on though. Put it in Brynnlee's journal. She is just an adorable girl though, I must say!

Candria said...

Oh Hannah! I love posts like these because it makes me feel so normal! Thanks for sharing! If the little stinkers only knew how much we'd rather spend our time playing with them rather than cleaning up after them!

Janae said...

Days like that can be so frustrating! I agree with Candria....posts like this make me feel SO normal and that it isn't just MY kids that do things like this.