Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Austin and Aubree had so much fun playing t-ball this year. We only signed Austin up to play since Aubree isn't supposed to play until next year. But if anyone from the team was going to be gone, Aubree was the official substitute. She probably played in half of the games and absolutely LOVED it!

Austin's coach pitched to each of the players three times and if they missed each pitch, then they had to use the tee. Austin only had to use the tee a couple of times. We were so proud of him hitting off of pitches. And Aubree wasn't too far from Austin. About half of her hits were from pitches as well.

It was lots of fun for both of them. They are already looking forward to next year!


Diane said...

Yay Austin and Aubree! I love the videos. They are such cute kids! How fun for Aubree to be the official substitute. She's going to rock next year!

JC Photography said...

How fun! They look so cute playing ball. Oh and might I add I'm really glad to see you posting on your "kitchen" blog. That lasagna looks delish!