Saturday, July 4, 2009

She's 4!!

Aubree had her fourth birthday last Saturday! She is so excited to finally be four years old. Now she thinks that she can do anything because she's big now!

I decided to bag the whole birthday party idea since I've got a new little one. Instead, we focused on the fact that she gets to have her Grandma Good here for her birthday. She was thrilled with that!

We started out her day with a yummy breakfast, then we took her to the park for a picnic and some good playing time. When we got home, I started decorating her cake while my mom made tacos for dinner.

My little brother, Nathan, came over and as soon as Brett got home from work, we ate, did the cake, and opened presents. She was surprised by a visit from her Grandma Robinson. She thought it was so neat that she got to have both of her grandmas at her house for her birthday. The kids played and played with the new gifts and then we finished off the day with a movie of her choice and popcorn.

Even though we didn't do a big, elaborate birthday party, she still had a very special and happy day - just what I wanted most for her!
Thanks to Nathan and his princess dress-up set, we were still able to make her "party" be as much of a princess party as possible. She was a cute little princess!
She was very excited about her cake! Phew!!
She got lots of clothes and gifts from both of her grandmas!
Both Austin and Aubree got soccer balls from my sister, Shauna, and Brett and I got Aubree a soccer goal. They were both pretty excited about that!
All in all, it was a very good day. We're so happy that she's a part of our family. Life would be very dull without her! We sure do love that little girl!!!


Courtney and Andrew said...

Happy birthday Aubree! We miss you guys! Hey could you do me a favor? I would love to be invited to Cortney Klinglers blog. Could you tell her? Hope all is going well and hope things are good with that little guy! More pics!!

*. Th3 BoW3n FamiLy.* said...

Sometimes those small get togethers are the best, you can seem to enjoy the night a litlte more with out all the stress and hastle! I bet it was great for her and she loved every moment of it! NICe job on the cake!!