Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Family Reunion

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Brett and I hosted the Good Family Reunion at our house. Can I just say that I think it was the most eventful reunion we've ever had! We started the weekend off with horse rides for everyone. Two of my nieces ended up falling off of their horse and one of them split her head open. She went to the emergency room and had some staples put in.

Then we did some 4-wheeling near Moody Meadows. Everyone had a great and relaxing time until one of my brothers rolled my brother-in-law's nearly new 4-wheeler. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. We'll just have to get that 4-wheeler fixed.

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, which to me is always fun! That is until several people started throwing up. We had the stomach flu passing around. Real fun!

Family pictures came next. Those are always so entertaining. We ended up doing them on our haystack this year and I think they look pretty good! Then was church, food, more pictures at the college, games, and visiting.

Monday morning brought our annual boys basketball game. I've never been able to go, but went this year and it was so much fun!! And I think Brett enjoyed having some cheerleaders there. We'll definitely have to do that again!

After that, Brett and his brother and family took lots of people to the sand dunes for 4-wheeler and dune buggy rides. I wasn't able to go, but from what I hear, that was a big hit as well! Thanks Ryan and Val!!!

My mom had a hard time getting here. She was supposed to arrive in Boise Friday night, but her flight was cancelled, so then she was supposed to come by Saturday afternoon. That didn't happen. Instead she made it into Salt Lake by Saturday evening and had to take a shuttle up here getting in around midnight. Then she had to get back to the airport in Boise leaving Monday morning. So she was here for just around 24 hours.

And by the time everyone left, over half of those that came ended up getting the stomach flu. The kids and I had it the weekend before, so we were immuned to it (thank goodness - it was NO fun at all).

But all in all, we had such a great time all together. And since everyone has left, our house feels like a big, empty house. I've decided I like all of the busy-ness and laughter filling the house. I'm going to have to do this again!

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Nicole Jones said...

Oh man! That is the craziest family reunion I've ever heard! I'm glad everyone had fun and your kitchen looks FABULOUS! Love all the pictures. Such a good looking family! :)