Thursday, June 11, 2009

Austin Turns 6!!

Yesterday was Austin's sixth birthday. His morning started out with one of his favorite breakfasts - german pancakes. Not only was he getting one of his favorite foods, but his dad was making it for him. He was pretty darn excited about that!

Next, he had his first t-ball game. He had two super hits! One off of the tee and the other that his coach pitched to him. We were so proud of him, but he was the most proud of himself!

After his game, we went home to decorate his cake. This year, he requested a dinosaur cake. It wasn't too bad and he was so excited with how it turned out.
Then we had a barrage of 10 little kids here at our house for Austin's party. Thank goodness I had Brett here with me to help keep everything under control. They actually were pretty good and had a lot of fun. It was so nice to let them play whatever they wanted to down in the basement. (I LOVE having a basement!)
Next up, Austin opened his presents and had cake and ice cream. Brynnlee was SOOOOOO excited about that part. She really gets into eating cake - literally!!

Then we let the kids play with the presents and then they all went home. After everyone had left, Nathan (my brother) stopped by to give Austin his gift. When Austin saw it, he said it was the best gift ever!!! It was this awesome Spiderman car with a Spiderman to play with and missles that shoot out of the car. That was all he wanted to play with the rest of the night!

When Brett came home, we opened gifts from my mom and us. He got lots of great clothes (much needed church clothes and summer clothes, including two dinosaur shirts that his LOVES!). And then we got him a little boombox to put in his room. He opened it just before bedtime and didn't get to use it much.

But this morning, Brett and I were surprised to find that we had slept in until 7:15. The kids usually wake us up around 6:15. What did we find when we woke up? Brynnlee was playing with the new toys while Austin and Aubree were intently listening to the Magic Treehouse (thanks, Kev and Kas) on his new boombox. I was loving that!!

So, Austin's big day turned out to be a big success! I think he was most excited that his dad was able to spend most of the day with him. We're always grateful for that!!


Chelsea said...

Looks like fun! Super cute cake!

Shannon said...

Sounds and looks so fun. Happy Birthday Austin. And way to go on the baby close!

Yearsley Family said...

Happy birthday Austin!! What a fun day!!! And the cake looks awesome--great job Hannah!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Austin! Sounds like it was a great day. The cake is really cute. You do good work Hannah!

JC Photography said...

How fun. I love his dinosaur cake, it's so very cute. But I would expect nothing less our of you. Your cooking/baking skills never cease to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

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