Thursday, January 15, 2009

What An Adventure

Everyday's an adventure here! Yesterday morning at about eight o'clock, our power went out, just as I had started to warm up Brynnlee's bottle. I asked my neighbor if they had power and they did. After checking all of the breakers, in our house, outside of the house, and in the new house, everything seemed fine. So I called the power company and they said they would come take a look at it.

I packed up Aubree and Brynn and took them to the church where I knew I could find warm water and a warm place to hang out. We stayed there until Brett called to tell us that the power was back on and we could go home. (By the way, thank you, Mom, for the cell phone! That was the only way I could call for help.)

Later last night, I was cooking dinner when, all of a sudden, it happens again! Dinner was ruined so we resorted to PB&J sandwiches and we even tried cooking hotdogs over our candle flames. Fun, but it didn't work. Bedtime rolled around and still, there was no power. So I bundled up the kids and put them to bed with 3 or 4 blankets on top of them. Finally, at nine o'clock the lights came back on and the heater went to work.

After about an hour, I noticed that the heater hadn't shut off. It was still blowing air, but it wasn't getting any warmer. By that time I was freezing! So I called Brett, who was outside working on the house, to have him fix the problem. He couldn't. Instead we rounded up as many space heaters as we could get a hold of and spread them throughout the house. Since space heaters are the number one cause of fires in mobile homes, I decided to sleep out on the couch to make sure everything would be alright.

Hours later, as I lay on the couch thinking every noise I heard was a spark or a crackle and not getting an ounce of sleep, I suddenly heard all of the heaters turn off. Once again, we were without power! So at two o'clock in the morning, I call the power company to tell them that we had no power again and that it was quickly getting cold. About thirty minutes later, some poor guy, who was woken up at 2 AM, came to fix the problem. And finally we had some heat.

This morning, we had four utility trucks and eight guys in front of our house to fix the problem. Apparently, the transformer box (I think that's what it's called) was too small to run power to our new house (which we have to constantly keep warm now) and our trailer where we're living. So they put in a new, bigger one. We also had someone come to fix our heater and found out that due to the power being turned off and back on, there was a power surge that blew the heating switch. But that was a much easier fix than a whole new transformer.

I'm sure glad to have things back to normal again. After an experience like this, it makes you wonder what each new day will bring.


The Cutlers said...

oh my! I hate it when the power goes out. Especially with cold little kiddos. I am glad you got it all figured out!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Scary! I'm glad everything turned out okay and they fixed the problem! Love you--Jen.

Kasi said...

Oh Han! I am so sorry! We are currently spending all our time upstairs because it is negative 9 or something like that outside and with all the windows downstairs we just can't stay warm down there! Winter needs to be over!!
Just a little longer, right, until you're in your new house? Speaking of which, I haven't seen update pics in awhile!

Shannon said...

Oh Hannah! I'm so sorry, it must have been freezing for your little ones! I'm glad you got it fixed