Friday, January 23, 2009

House Update

I've had lots of people ask what's been going on with the house. So I'm doing a post with an update. Though it doesn't look like a whole lot has been happening, Brett's been working on lots of the detail things, mostly trim and moving electrical outlets. We've hired out the rest of the siding and the painting. There are people here today working on filling nail holes and caulking. YAY!! But siding won't get finished until our ordered siding comes in. So here are the most recent pictures that I took last night and this morning.

Part of the Family Room
Another part of the Family Room
The kitchen
Formal Dining room (it's not quite done yet)
The Formal Living Room with a coffered ceiling (I am WAY excited about that! That's my favorite part of the house!!)
Into the Mudroom

Kids' bedrooms

Shelving in the kids' closets

Master bedroom trim done!

The little sitting room in the Master

Brett is working on the dresser and shelving in the Master closet. I am so excited to not have dressers in any of the bedrooms!!

Siding is almost done!

Just a little more to do!

The garage doors are up and we even parked the pickup in there last night. It was so great to be able to go out this morning and not have to scrape windows and the windshield! We just need to get garage door openers now.


Kasi said...

Wow, seeing it from the back makes it look SO much bigger. Are you doing a texture treatment on the walls? I LOVE the coffered ceiling too, and tray ceiling in the master! I bet it is so much fun to add those little things in.

it looks great!

garrettandbritt said...

The house looks amazing.We are for sure going to have to come visit when you are done.

The Cutlers said...

It is looking so great!! I love the ceiling also!

VALERIE said...

Looks like it is coming right along. way to go Brett. Before you no it you will be moving in.

Nicole J. said...

The house looks amazing! I bet you are beyond excited to move in. I can't wait to see it all finished!

Hills said...

Hey The house looks great I love the ceiling also!! I Have a question!? I was on the way to my friends new house the Bergesons and i swear she lives a couple houses west of you at 2001 ? Do you live on 200 the road that goes to the blinking light? If so since you are and amazingly nice person who is very welcoming they might need an arm wrapped around them at church to know that they are welcome! They have been throught IT ALL! and i am not joking in the slightest! Maybe just let me know?!?!

Fullmer Family said...

Congratulations on the house Hannah, I can't think of anyone who deserves this house more than you. It looks lovely and in no time you will all be moved in. I bet for you it's not moving fast enough!