Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our New Addition

This is our newest addition. Angel is a six month old white german shepherd. My sister, Nicole, told me about her when someone brought her into the animal shelter/vet clinic that she works at. Well, we decided to adopt her and Nicole brought her over this last weekend.
It's so much fun to see her run around and move like a puppy, even though she is almost full grown. She's not too coordinated yet. But she loves to play with Austin. It's amazing the connection the two of them have. As soon as he gets home from school every day, he's right to her kennel to see her. He has a quick lunch then runs out to play with Angel.
We still need to get Aubree used to her, but Brynn LOVES Angel as well. Living in a new place with new things to see, she likes to go check everything out and not listen when we call her. So I'll be looking into dog training classes that we can take. Other than that, she is a super sweet and playful puppy. We already love her to pieces!!
Being all white, we thought it might be a good idea to put a jogging vest on her so she doesn't completely blend in with the snow.


Nicole J. said...

BEAUTIFUL dog Hannah! Wow! She would totally blend in with the snow if it weren't for the vest. She looks like she is going to be great for your family!

Anonymous said...

Awww! She's adorable! Looks like a fun addition to your cute fam!--Jenny

Robinson Roost said...

I can see that Angel and I are going to be good friends. I like shepherds!

garrettandbritt said...

What a cute dog! I can't believe how white it is. It is a good thing you put that vest on it.